Places to Ride ATVs in New Mexico

Haystack Mountain OHV Area: Roswell, New Mexico
If you want to do a little alien hunting and riding at the same time, there is no better place than the Haystack Mountain OHV Area near Roswell, New Mexico.

Jemez District of the Santa Fe National Forest: Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Santa Fe National Forest has an area of 1.6 million of acres and is comprised of five forest districts. The Jemez Forest District is located in the Jemez Mountains which are known for their rich native American history.

Clovis MX Track: Clovis, New Mexico
Clovis has a decent sized track that is open for both ATVs and dirtbikes on select days. Check their website for up to date fees and dates they are open to the public. They have a good track that even has a few table tops. Great park but it has little shade so be careful and stay hydrated.

Dunes OHV Area: Farmington, New Mexico
Over 800 acres of land for use with ATVs, dirtbikes, Utility Vehicles, camping hiking, and anyhting else you can do in the outdoors. There are too many roads, tabletops, hills, rock areas, etc. too count. This is from over 40 years of being a public off road area.

Gordys Hill: Escondido, New Mexico
Johnson Hill offers diverse recreation opportunities including many roads and trails traversing deeply dissected canyons, high sandstone and limestone bluffs, terraces, and escarpments. On the higher ridges, there are scenic views of the Rio Grande Valley to the west. There are a variety of recreational opportunities, most notably off-highway vehicle riding on existing routes, offering challenges for all experience levels.

Hackberry Lake OHV Area: Carlsbad, New Mexico (about 20 miles north of)
The Hackberry Lake Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) area offers over 55,000 acres of rolling stabilized dune lands and cliffs. The area is open for intensive use of motorcycles, sand dune buggies and other OHVs. Trails within the area take advantage of a variety of soils and topographic features, which include many turns and steep hill climbs. Routes go from shallow rocky, loamy soil on low hills to deep alluvial soils with sandy inclusions. The trails travel across small draws and along the bottom of deep arroyos. The area also includes a sand dune complex.

Tulie MX: Alamogordo, New Mexico
Tulie even offers classes starting at ages 4 and up. They have a great track that hosts races but is also open to the public on selected days. Always call before you hall.

Heaven Motorsports Park: Raton, New Mexico
Heaven has an amazing course that is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM or until dark, whichever comes first. They have rollers, tabletops, corners, you name it for riding. The best part is they are a non profit. That means every dollar you put into the park in fees goes right back into improving the park directly.

Robledo Mountains Off-Road Trails: Las Cruces, New Mexico
The Robledo Mountains Off-Highway Vehicle Trail System is a network of trails, including both extreme OHV and mountain bike trails, in the southern Robledo Mountains. The trails are dominated by enormous rocks, making the terrain extraordinarily challenging for riders. The extreme OHV trails require specialized vehicles, with locking differentials, winches, and expert drivers. Vehicle damage is not uncommon on these very difficult OHV trails.

Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV Park: Roswell, New Mexico
Mescalero has over 610 acres of hills that are over 90 feet tall, trails, and you name it. They have a great facility with camping, picnic tables, grills and a restroom. There is no water available like at most picnic areas so bring your own water. They also have a spot to park RV's. They are open year round so a good place to rid anytime.

Sandia Speedway MX: Albuquerque, New Mexico
All riders are required to wear protective gear and they have a list of what is required and recommended on their website. They have an overnight camping area. They have practice sessions that are held every other Sunday and races all the time.

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